Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Legal Services

Protecting Innovation.

Whether you’re a business or an individual, your need to protect your intellectual property doesn’t occur in a vacuum. With Melchert Hubert Sjodin you get attorneys with well-rounded experience in issues including trademark, copyright, and trade secrets.

When you come to us with a question about unfair competition, defending a copyright or trademark, or setting up protection for your ideas, we see the big picture. We can advise you on the best actions to take in your current business situation and look toward the future to help you plan ahead. While we’re efficient with single cases, we’re always looking to keep a long-term relationship with you. We want to watch your business or inventions prosper over time and will work with you on the strategies and legal means to protect and grow your intellectual property for years to come.

Questions we can answer include:

  • When do I need a trademark or copyright to protect my business innovations?
  • When I went to reserve the dot com name for my company online I found it was already taken by someone who’s not even in that business. What are the legal remedies for cybersquatting?
  • How can I protect my website against metatags and content scraping?
  • Someone who worked for me is now using my ideas in their business – is that unfair competition or misappropriation of trade secrets? What can I do about it?

Not all intellectual property matters require a legal response and we’re happy to answer your questions and let you know some of the efficient ways to protect your innovations online and off.