Television audiences deserve courtroom dramatics. Real-life clients do not. Thoughtfully direct and decidedly low key, Mac seeks respect, not mere reaction, from the juries he addresses and the clients he represents.

“I’m the antithesis to a stereotypical lawyer,” Mac says. “It’s my role to be honest and approachable, especially when I am working with a jury. I want to be someone they can look at and say, ‘I trust what he is saying to me and showing to me.’”

Mac joined Melchert Hubert Sjodin in 1977. The firm’s small-town locale was a big draw for the Iowa native who always admired the local attorneys in his own rural town. As a young lawyer, Mac quickly gained similar respect for his firm’s senior members, who continually modeled genuine consideration and concern for their clients.

“Much of the firm’s success and reputation goes back to our senior partner, Paul Melchert, and his ability to have empathy and passion for our clients,” Mac says. “He instilled that in all of us. As such, we identify with our clients and do the best job we can. We don’t feel the need to act like big-shot attorneys.”

Mac retired as partner in 1998 and now works part time handling litigation-related matters.