Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Divorce in Minnesota

What is the difference between divorce and dissolution of marriage in Minnesota? The term divorce was used universally until the mid-1970’s. At that time the State of Minnesota and many other states changed the terminology of divorce to “marriage dissolution” (i.e. the marriage is dissolved.) Family law is the entire subject area relating to the relationships of husbands and wives, parents and children. It is also sometimes called domestic relations.

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Immediate Employment Law Considerations as it Relates to the Coronavirus

Our state and federal governments have taken swift action this past week in addressing the pandemic of COVID-19 facing our great nation. These drastic measures taken by both our state and federal governments are intended to immediately address the needs of both employers and employees as it relates to several employment laws and grant the much needed economic relief that is required in businesses across the nation and specifically our state. The below is a summary of the swift action that has been taken this past week…

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Beneficiary Designation

Who May Change a Beneficiary Designation?

In Minnesota, an owner of a bank account, retirement account, or other investment account can designate payable on death (POD) or transfer on death (TOD) beneficiaries, directing the relevant financial institutions to transfer the fund assets to the listed beneficiaries upon the owner’s death. Making such beneficiary designations can and should be part of an effective estate plan.

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