Whether advising start-ups, multiple generation family farms, or multi-state enterprises, Melchert Hubert Sjodin has provided comprehensive legal services to its business clients since the firm was founded.  Our attorneys enjoy working with a wide range of clients whose needs differ dramatically because of their variations in size, operations, government oversight, and goals.

Among other guidance, our experienced attorneys assist family farmers and other agricultural businesses to determine the most appropriate type of organization for each facet of the operation, which can include:

  • Sole proprietorships
  • Partnerships
  • Joint ventures
  • Corporations
  • Limited liability companies
  • Cooperatives
  • Trusts

In addition, Melchert Hubert Sjodin attorneys have a wide range of experience in agricultural and agri-business lending. We have been helping community banks and other lenders in documenting and enforcing agricultural and agri-business loans for more than 30 years. Our attorneys regularly consult with lending clients and are eager to provide advice and training on agricultural lending issues.

At Melchert Hubert Sjodin we also have experienced land use attorneys who understand the significant environmental, land use and zoning issues which may arise in today’s complicated and concentrated agri-business. Whatever your farming legal needs, we can help.

Our clients include:

  • Apiaries
  • Agricultural cooperatives
  • Agricultural equipment manufacturers and dealers
  • Agricultural input suppliers
  • Crop farms
  • CSAs
  • Dairy farms
  • Direct farm marketers
  • Family farm trusts
  • Farm landlords and tenants
  • Freight shipping and trucking companies
    • Grain, ag farm supplies, general freight, livestock, garbage, machinery, construction
  • Livestock producers
  • Tree farms