About the Firm

One of the largest and oldest law firms in the First Judicial District of Minnesota, our firm was founded in 1927 by Judge Arlo Haering. Since its inception, Melchert Hubert Sjodin has been community-focused. Judge Haering was the first of three partners to leave the firm to become a district court judge.

Today we’ve grown to cover nine practice areas and are still best known for our diligent client care. At MHS, clients can trust that the advice they receive is thorough and balanced.

Our firm’s attorneys include those who joined the firm as early as 1959 and as recently as 2006. From estate planning and real estate transactions to local government and family law, our experience is national as well as local.

With law firm offices in the thriving western edge of the Twin Cities, MHS continues to be a proud, participating member of the community. Serving as city attorneys, Chamber of Commerce members and much more, our law firm is known as much for our caring people as our attorneys’ expertise.