Legal Updates

Changing Laws in Modern Society

Attorney Lisa Hill discusses the American system of government that allows for the rights of citizens to participate as opposed to other forms of government that are more restrictive. In addition, as our society evolves, our laws also evolve address new situations. Specifically, technology and data collection are one of the big issues on the cutting edge of the law. Learn more in her interview on KDUZ 1260 AM’s show “Legal Update.”

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Getting to Know Neil

Continuing the getting to know Neil segment from last week, new estate tax law after 2020,  income taxes, and when to tell the kid’s about the estate plan.  Attorney Neil Jensen shares his advice and more on KDUZ 1260 AM’s show “Legal Update.” 

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Get to know Neil

Who is Neil Jensen, what does he do, how long will he work, what’s the largest fish he caught?  For these answers and more, attorney Neil Jensen shares information on himself and his estate planning practice on KDUZ 1260 AM’s show “Legal Update.” 

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